We have recently had a staff member training to be our Schools Communication Champion and as a result of this there is a new Communications Board in school where we will be sharing information on Speech and Language services available to families, as well as targeting lots of ways to promote more effective and inclusive communication throughout school and at home.  Please feel free to pop into school to have a look and take away any leaflets that are of interest.

 Over the course of a year we will be required to implement activities as set out in our action plan, the first of these is Snack and Chat which will start after the October holidays.  Every day pupils will now eat their snack in the classroom prior to playtime starting which should allow time for, and encourage, communication with their peers. In addition to this on Thursdays all pupils and staff will share snack and chat time in the school hall.  Information will be on the Communication Board after the holidays, but any questions please feel free to phone the school office.